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Orders and Service:
Portable smoker at work
3 minute assembly 3 minute assembly
Only 3 minutes to assemble the smoker and it is ready to use
No need to turn the food around on the grill No need to turn the food around on the grill
Using the smoker, doesn’t require turning the food, as the smoke fills the smoker all around the food and gives it all around aroma
Great taste Great taste
Smoking is a cooking method that enriches the food with great flavors
Use is anywhere Use is anywhere
Weekend camping trips, Jeep travels, afternoons at the beach, parties or just in your backyard
  • Unique portable smoker kit
    • Ziv's Portable smoker, is a must for all grilled meat fans.
    • Our product is a convenient, easy and without the mess.
    • At home or everywhere you can make smoked food to fit your taste.
    • Prepare quality natural food free of extra salt and chemicals to give a variety of foods that will enrich your BBQ at home or away.
    • No more large and cumbersome smokers that require special expertise, for the first time worldwide we created a portable smoker that allows any meat lover to enjoy the culinary world of smoked foods at their home or way and enjoy the attractive price.

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